What is the Best murder mystery show from the 60s or 80s?

You can throw in the early 90s as well if you want. If you can't think of just one give a list. I have craving to see old murder mystery shows since Netflix got ride of murder she wrote and doesn't have diagnosis murder.


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  • Murder, She Wrote or old Law and Order.


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  • Well, you can try Death Note (anime) since, it's on par with what you're asking for.

    • I've watched it and seen the Japanese live action movies. Seen the show multiple times every episode I've watched the Japanese live action movies multiple times cause their just so good. Anyway I'm talking about American television shows from the 60s or 80s like columbo.

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    • Yeah, I understand. You can try Seven the movie tho, that's a good detective thriller from the 90s

    • I'll check out thanks

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