Rockers, metalheads, what's your go-to songs for the morning?

what I mean is the good shit that can get you pumped up in the morning. these are the things that give me a reason to be out of bed.

What's your morning riffs?
R. I. P Motorhead, and Malcolm Young
and R. I. P to Cliff Burton too


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  • - Death to all but metal by Steel Panther
    - Party all day by Steel Panther
    - She's tight by Steel Panther
    - The riff by Lordi
    - Hard rock hallelujah by Lordi
    - Through the fire and flames by Dragonforce
    - Dead ringer for love by Meat Loaf
    - Alive by Meat Loaf
    - Drink by Alestorm
    - Keelhauled by Alestorm
    - Everybody have a good tie by The Darkness
    - Open fire by The Darkness
    - She just a girl, Eddie by The Darkness
    - Letterbomb by Green Day
    - Minority by Green Day
    - Love Tyger by Edguy
    - Rock me, Amadeus by Edguy
    - Lavatory Love Machine

    These are the highlights off of my 'get up and go' morning playlist :P


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