Do you ever pirate games (whether console or PC)?

Do you ever pirate games(whether console or PC)?
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  • Only if the publisher and developer of the game I'm pirating are greedy bastards with poor business practices and treat their employees horribly.
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What Girls Said 1

  • no im really not into games, so i wouldn't have a reason to download them , but if i like games and stuff then i'd definitely do it lol


What Guys Said 2

  • I pirated some singleplayer games such as Bioshock 1 and Farcry 3.

    As I liked the first Bioshock episode I then decided to buy the sequels.
    As I appreciate Farcry but not much, I decided not to play this game series again.

    However, a great 90% of all the videogames I ever played had been bought (sometimes I just bought the game afterwards because it it was too good).

  • I pirate everything that can be pirated I don't feel bad about it because I wasn't going to buy it in the first place.

    • Well, pirating games is stealing from not only the publishers but the game developers too and I'd rather reserve the pirating for shitty game publishers like EA, Activision or Konami, not the good, consumer-friendly ones who don't deserve to have their games pirated.

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