Which sims 3 I should get?

Ok so I am planning in a few weeks or wait a bit to get another expansion pack of sims 3 but I don't know which one I should try first. So here I am interesting in:
University Life
Which one should I get first?
  • seasons
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  • ambitions
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  • University Life
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  • Ambitions is a no go. I played all and am currently playing Sims 4.

    I would suggest you just pirating the game and play it like that!

    Seasons is alright and University was pretty fun... but that was that, 2 in game weeks and then it's all over.

    Whereas in Seasons you have weekly festivals and fun stuff to do


Most Helpful Girl

  • You should watch Lazy Game Reviews on YouTube. He lays out all the content that you’d be getting with each one. I vote for getting seasons first because I liked the stuff that came in there more.

    • I just did that LOL it not helping at all I don't want them all at once I want to play one at a time or together with different expansions so I don't get bored fast. But his reviews don't help at all. It makes me want different packs for different reasons.

    • That’s the thing, it depends on your play style. I liked building houses and decorating more than playing with the characters so I watched videos on the items and that’s how I made up my mind.

    • Seasons is cool because it’s got weekly carnival events and holidays. You can throw Halloween parties and Gift giving parties.

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  • Seasons is a must. I wish TS4 would hurry up and add seasons to the game.

  • Seasons is my favorite. It really adds a lot to gameplay.

  • I think university life would add more to the game... Either that or ambitions.


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