Can someone help me out with a dream?

Last night I had a dream about a couple, but they were my cousins. I think they represented my ex and his new girlfriend. We were at the movies. I didn't get jelous or anything. I looked at them and then I turned back around. Later on I had a dream about a hearse. And this lady walked into the theatre. It was a lady from a tv show that i watch in my waking life. She's really a man that dresses like a female for the show. I gave her a hug and she hugged me "tight" but she seemed sort of evil. I told her that " i found her a boyfriend" Could the hearse represent me losing feelings for my ex and him being jelous? I don't know.


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  • Its just an after effect. Your mind is showing you what ever you want to see

    • What do you mean? Lol

    • I don't want to see a hearse.

  • Lay off the drugs girl

    • I do not do drugs! Lol

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