What kind of lyrics do you like?

I like songs about acknowledging how weak and helpless and arrogant the singer is, because I can relate, but what kind of lyrics do you like?


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  • I want to take you far
    From the cynics in this town
    And kiss you on the mouth
    We'll cut our bodies free
    From the tethers of this scene
    Start a brand new colony
    Where everything will change
    We'll give ourselves new names
    (Identities erased)
    The sun will heat the ground
    Under our bare feet
    In this brand new colony

    pretty, poetic... strong imagery


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  • I really like songs that may deal with a serious or emotional topic but leave a glimmer of hope in the end. It doesn’t have to be necessarily a story of redemption though. It can even be accepting a situation and deciding to move on.

    For instance, take the topic of helplessness. The singer may sing about how helpless he realizes a loved one feels. However, instead of just leaving the song at “she feels helpless,” it ends with a, “but I can still be there to help” or a “together we can transform” (as one particular song I know goes). It provides a new angle to things and gives the song a new sense of depth in my opinion

    This also partly goes without saying, but good writing is also a part of it. I personally like a more poetic style of lyric writing. I find it to be more expressive that way— like when a plethora of imagery or literary techniques are used


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  • I really like at the drive in one arm scissor.


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