Have you read this book?

I could have put this topic under any category knowing the contents of this book. I wanted to know if anyone knows what these books are without looking at the cover. And if you do, did it change your life?Have you read this book??Have you read this book??Have you read this book??Have you read this book??
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  • Looks like some books on sacred geometry, the last one tipped me off (the first ones I only skimmed and thought were maths books). Obviously never read them, never genuinely will. Also, the pattern covered by a finger on the first image reminds me of a video by spirit science. That's not a good start.

    • It shows the correlation between sacred geometry ancients, dimensions, time, and literally anything you can think of. It explains a lot about what we're going through already. It's very interesting.

    • I suggest you check what Martymer 81 on YouTube has to say about it, he is more eloquent than I.

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  • Reminds me of sacred geometry.
    Look into it if you enjoy moderate effort zero reward type of intellectual pursuit.

    • Oh it's sacred geometry alright. This book explains things in our lives in excruciating detail.

  • Hell yes


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