List all your fave Maroon 5 songs and tell which ones related to your lifestyle/situations?

List all your fave Maroon 5 songs and tell which ones related to your lifestyle/situations?One of the best long-lasting bands. I love Adams voice but he can be a total douche on The Voice. So im really only a fan of his voice, not him as a person. Plus i’ll only watch the Voice if Usher comes back. Anyways :D

Fave Songs I can relate to:

1. I sing “MAKES ME WONDER” whenever my boyfriend doesn't put in as much effort as me
(I still dont have a reason, and you dont have the time, and it really makes me wonder...)

2. I sing “SHE WILL BE LOVED” whenever we’re having a good day.
(I dont mind spending everyday, out on your corner in the pourin raaaaiiin)

3. I sing “WHAT LOVERS DO” whenever i thinj about visiting him.
(Ooh Ooh Ooh been wishin for you, Ooh Ooh tryna do what lovers do)

4. I feel like he sings “THIS LOVE” whenever i threaten to breakup.
(This love has taken its toll on me, she said Goodbye, too many times before)

5. I sing “FEELINGS” whenever i fall for someone
(I got these feeeelings for youuuuu)

6. I sang “LOVE SOMEBODY” a lot while single.
(I really wanna love somebody, I really wanna dance the night away, I know we’re only halfway there, but you can take meeee aaaall the way)

7. I sing “SUNDAY MORNING” when im in love.
(That may be aaaall i need, In the darkness he is aaaall iiii seeee)

8 I sing “THE SUN” when i feel like i wanna ghost
(And mama I've been cryin' Cause things ain't how they used to be. She said the battles almost won
And we're only several miles from the sun)

9. I sing “SECRET” whenever im crushing.
(I know I don't know you But I want you so bad. Everyone has a secret But can they keep it? Oh no they can't.)

Other Faves I like:
10. Give a Little More
11. One More Night
12. Harder to Breathe
13. Animals
14. Never Gonna Leave this Bed
15. Moves Like Jagger
16. This Summers Gonna Hurt
17. Must Get Out

Not Really a fan of Daylight, Sugar, Maps, Misery and Payphone but they were catchy. Im pissed cause i couldve gone to their concert during this Utah Convention but i didn't have money for all that. #MaroonFive
  • I love Maroon 5 (Great list some songs below!)
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  • I dont like Maroon 5 music (Its okay God says love the crazies too!)
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  • Maroon who? (Its okay God said teach the clueless!)
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  • I've been to a Maroon 5 Concert (OmG im so jealous!)
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  • I love their music too and yes Adam can be a douche (Thought so.)
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  • The whole of Songs about Jane. I sang 'This Love' constantly as a kid, now my favs are probably:

    Harder to Breathe
    Sunday Morning
    Through with you

  • ooh... My fav Maroon 5 songs are:

    1. This Love.. it reminds me of a bad relationship I had with my ex

    2. She Will Be Loved.. it reminds me of a girl I know that was going through a lot and I wanted to talk to her but I was way too shy

    3. Sunday Morning... it reminds me of a nice Sunday morning, waking up and having an awesome breakfast

    4. Wake Up Call.. it reminds of how my ex cheated on me and I thought she was loyal and loved me

    5. Sugar... it reminds me of when I eat a bunch of sugar lmao

    6. Just a Feeling/Secret.. it reminds me of my crush and how I'm crushing on her

    7. Daylight... it reminds me of better days and daylight obviously

    8. Payphone.. it reminds of me talking to friends and relatives that I haven't seen in years/months

    9. Through With You.. it reminds me of when I had the guts to get rid of the toxic person that was my ex

    10. Moves Like Jagger.. it reminds of me of 5th grade and the summer after it bc they were both fun and Moves Like Jagger is a fun dance song

    • I also I have a bunch of other favs but they don't really relate to me

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    • Lol i used to wear #11 out

    • Yeah it's pretty good. I remember always blasting it out loud when everyday of the summer

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  • Great list!

    My faves are Daylight, Payphone, Sugar, What lovers do, Don't wanna know, Cold.

    I don't relate to any of them in real life though. But I still love them. :)

  • My favs are:

    (1) One More Night - Reminds me of this guy that was so wrong for me but I kept going back to him.
    (2) Move Like Jagger- Just an all around feel good song 💃🎤🕺🎶


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  • “Maroon who?” Sorry, I’m not familiar with this group.

  • I don't listen to them to often but I do know a few songs
    1. moves like Jagger (when I'm turnin up and getting swagy😎)
    2. Sunday morning (maxin and relaxin on a bright Sunday mornin)
    3. Feelings (when I started to fall for someone or already have)
    4. Love somebody (im single and this one really just speaks to me P. S ladies I am available haha)
    5. Secret (When I'm secretly crushing obviously )
    That's pretty much it

  • I do love a couple of theirs songs mainly Makes Me Wonder its just amazing to listen to (: It was their first Billboard Hot 100 Hit it deserves it (: and This Love it reminds me of the love of my life. And the people who say they haven't heard at least one of their songs I don't believe them they have so many popular songs and have been popular for over a decade.

    • Yea they prob heard the songs but didn't know the name of the band. Love those two songs tho

  • I like Maroon 5, but not crazy about them.
    I like most of their songs:
    1. Sugar
    2. Animals
    3. Maps
    4. She will be loved
    5. Payphone
    👆👆My top 5

  • I didn't know who they were until you mentioned them. I heard a few of the songs that you described. They're good.

  • That's too easy since, I only liked 4 songs of his although, not so much.
    Let it Rock
    I made it

  • Misery
    Hands all over you.
    It was always you.
    Unkiss me

  • Yeah na i dont like them and dont like that adam guy too he's a dickhead

  • i like if i never see your face again this love too

  • Just “She Will Be Loved.” I don’t listen to Maroon 5 all that much; never, actually.

  • I've never really listened to them.. I only know the "moves like Jagger".. Lol..

  • B for me, I know the name but I couldn't tell the name or melody of any of their songs :o

  • I can't remember any of their songs apart from the wedding song

  • I've heard of the band, but never heard any of their songs, sorry 😅!

  • Was "How to Save a Life" Maroon 5? If not, I don't like anything of theirs.

  • 'Animals' because of my stalker tendencies

    • Lmao 🙈😂 i didn't even realize how stalkerish that song was til now. Yep thats def me too hahaha

  • I don't like maroon 5

  • What 5? Sorry haha

  • I dont listen to them😞


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