Let’s hang for a day?

If you had to chose a late night talk show host who to hang out w/ for a day who would it be and why? I would have to chose Jimmy Fallon he just cracks me up!


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  • Jimmy Fallon

    • I couldn’t stop laughing at last nights thank you notes.
      “Thank you, bears waking up from hibernation this spring, for probably thinking, “Seriously, he’s still president?”- Jimmy

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    • I don't know who she is

    • She’s very funny she has her own talk show on TBS Wednesday nights. https://youtu.be/S6yPZB9O2HU

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  • conan maybe

    • Well i mean now come to think of it. If Craig Ferguson was still on or Jon Stewart those two would be my pick.

    • Wait does Samantha Bee count? Even if it’s once a week?

    • its ur question

  • I want to spend some time with you. 💛


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