What YouTube content should I do?

So i can not decide which one I want to do. So help me out.
  • Short films
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  • Other (Leave opinion in comment section)
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  • Film making tips
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  • I've made short films before/film making tips. Its not something that people on Youtube are usually looking for though.

    To be honest the best route is probably doing both. Make short films, and also add behind the scenes videos or tutorials to reach a broader audience.

    • True. That is why I was asking. In todays socidty people are not intrested in these things anymore. Only a few 😊But thanks for the opinion

    • It is good to be specifically focused on film though, there are quite a few channels that have found some success when it comes to focusing on video/film creation.

      But definitely merge film/tips (i've done tips + other content before and it helps your channel grow faster)

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