Which is the best Series you have watched until now?

According to you which is your favourite tv series or web series you have watched until now?


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  • Peaky Blinders all the way

    • Have you watched Boardwalk Empire?

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    • Darker? I feel like Peaky Blinders is already pretty dark

    • Yes, I understand that's what the script writers were aiming for. Many characters have typical tragic backstory, even use dark filter for many scenes lol

      Still I feel Boardwalk Empire is darker and much more intense. But not in an obvious way, you might watch the first few episodes and come up with an opposite conclusion, I think it's pretty difficult to understand the type of each character and how they fit into the story for Boardwalk Empire, not so for Peaky Blinders: whenever they introduce a character you can easily tell which archetypal role they are gonna play as the plot develops.

      The reason I compare them is they try to do very similar things with the story.

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  • General Hospital in the past and now


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  • Game of Thrones or Shameless


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