Does someone's writing voice reflect what you expect about their personality? Does someone's writing style have sex appeal?


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  • Are you asking that if, let’s say, someone writes quite formally, that they’re a serious or proper person? Or that if someone has an awkward writing style, they’re probably awkward in person too?

    I would say yes and no.

    Personality can shape/influence writing style, but writing style does not always perfectly match personality. I know of some psych research where writing is examined to give hints into personality (i. e. lots of “I”s express one trait) but I would also say this test could be influenced by mood and intended audience.

    For instance, my emails to a professor are going to be very formal compared to texting a friend or writing on GAG. My writing style may change from one minute to the next (to an extent), but it’s not like my personality is changing with it. Hence I would disagree with the theory there. However, there is a certain core element of my writing that does carry over from one paragraph to the next regardless of location. I think that examining these elements can give a hinting of one’s personality.

    We can also use these elements to identify the person sometimes (if they are distinctive enough features). I’ve spotted anon users on here that I’ve actually still recognized because I’ve read their opinions enough. Writing style is kind of like handwriting in that regard— we all have subtle variations, since we all have slightly different manners of thinking (i. e. word choice, what “looks nice,” etc.)

    Is there sex appeal in writing?
    Well, considering one can seem more unattractive to me if they speak in only text slang (i. e. nvr capitalize or use grammr 4 sentences), I would say yes to an extent. It is kind of like speaking— people can be funny in writing, or they can be poetic, or they can be direct. Hence, just like speech can evoke emotions, writing can do the same.


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  • What? No. I write stories in a totally different style than I talk.

    How can writing styles have sex appeal? Like you think the writer's maybe more attractive because they write good?

  • I expect them to sound the way they write. I don’t attach any sort of sex appeal to it

  • I write a little bit better than I talk and I have written some sex stories so yes sex appeal is a thing I write with


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