What's your opinion on this poem I wrote, it's called "From Ashes We Rise"?

Since my heart of gold and innocence died in a blaze of emotion and realization, I am but a man of ash. I fall with the wind of life, little by little collapsing into a heap before rising once more as a lesser being until I become something better, for melted gold becomes pure when refined, however this process will ever detain me. For the embers of old remain hot and new burdens will arrive with new information which will ever flow for knowledge is infinite.


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  • I think this poem is very deep emotionally. Great job! I hope you continue to write and continue to explore poetry. I'm sure writing would be an incredible past time for you.
    I like your poem. You're use of vocabulary, the flow of the words, and visual symbolism are fantastic.

    • Thank you and it's just another hobby I picked up lol. I like to dabble in new things, I'm glad someone liked it 😃

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