I know this question may have been asked before but I'm still curious! What did you think about the Mo'Nique/ Netflix situation?

I'm curious to know what people thought about this. She wanted to get more money from Neflix to do her special. She wanted to get paid the likes of Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle, and Amy Schumer.

My thing is, she isn't poppin on the comedy level. Not at this moment, she's done some movies, I've never heard of them, or thought of her doing standup. She hasn't been hustling and isn't getting the following she needs too market herself, or selling out big venues. But she still thinks she deserves the money the likes of those legends that have been doing work and still selling venues out.

So, do you think she has a valid reason for being angry and calling for a boycott of Netflix? Or does she need to get her act together and actually go out there and work to get paid like those she name dropped?
  • She deserves to be paid just as much, now, just by her resume alone!
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  • She actually has to go do some work to get paid like those that are hustling to get those big deals!
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  • Whose Mo'Nique?
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  • (neither is Amy Schumer but she complained loud enough)

    • Amy did some work.. she actually toured and sold out stadiums and hustled.. she did. Amy isn't funny, but she has put in the work... Mo'Nique hasn't done a tour in I don't know how long... Not a national one at least in a while...

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