What are the top 5 songs in your playlist?

Mine are
1. Losing my mind by Falling in Reverse (this band is bae)
2. Robot rock by daft punk (I feel motivated when I listen to this)
3. Welcome go the black parade by My Chemical Romance (ITS NOT A PHASE MOOOOOM!)
4. Go Fuck yourself by two feet (short as hell but the beat is sick!)
5. I am the Greatest by Logic (this is one of the only rap songs I like)

I'm genuinely interested in what music all of y'all listen too!


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  • On Spotify:
    1. One more night (mako remix) - sekai no owari
    2. Pet - a perfect circle
    3. Meglio Cosi - zero assoluto
    4. Fall to pieces - velvet revolver
    5. Hit and run - dumbfounded feat nocando

    Off my phones playlist:
    1. Take your way - livetune feat. Fukase
    2. Senno tsubasa - livetune feat takuro sugawara
    3. Jibun kakumei - miyavi
    4. Unravel - cover by yuu
    5. Sephiroths theme - Advent children OST.


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  • Purple Eyes by The Knocks
    Aspirin by Phoebe Ryan
    You by LINES
    Ritual by Wrabels
    e. z by Blackbear

  • Mine is:

    1. D-Technolife by UverWorld (japan)

    2. Compass by GFriend (kpop)

    3. I'm Crying by AKB48 (Jpop)

    4. Invisible by Big Time Rush

    5. You Are Not Alone by Big Time Rush

  • Love, love, love ‘Two Feet’. I’d have to say ‘Her Life’ is my favourite.


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