How is this poem?

About my boyfriend dumping me.

“I feel one foot tall
I feel small
My love left me
Like it was a, b, c
When he said
He would always
Want to be with me
Months passed
Teardrops still escaped my eyes
Of course they would
Cause he was the night with fireflies
He was the white full moon
He left me
Feeling darkness in my room
Still I’m doing better
Yet there’s leftover hurt in my heart
But it’s better than
Feeling my world has been torn apart
Like at the beginning
When my eyes were a faucet
That never could turn off
My brain
Feeling an endless cut off
Still I managed
To get through the day
Now I’m here
I am fine, that I can say
He did to me
He had done to me
A thousand blooms
He did to me
He had done to me
Feeling blackness in my room”


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  • Very nice. Did it help you to compose it?

    • Yeah. It made me feel good. Thank you

  • Heartbreaking, but relieving and hopeful.


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