I'm searching a song and I forgot the name?

The video was with a woman who's pretty chubby and has neon yellow hair.
Is there some one who know what song?


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  • I know of one Finnish Artist who sings 'Karma' - She goes by the name of Alma.

    Here's the single cover if it helps?

    • Yes thanks youu

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    • No worries. That's the only song of hers I've got at present x

    • Thank you for MHO x :-)

      Never imagine life without music, it's here to stay!

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    • Yeahh thank you

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    • I already tried googling it but as "song woman neon yellow hair" couldn't find it. Only tips on how to dye your hair neon yellow haha.

    • If at first your search doesn't succeed, rephrase that ish lol

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