What can happen if mods in your sims 3 game mess up?

I am thinking of putting mods in my sims 3 but I am scare that if they get mess up they destroy the games i created has anyone have that happen to them or their game been damaged by a mod? also can people give me good mod sims 3 sites that are safe and have good mods?


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  • Backup everything, and adding mods wouldn't damage the save. The issue would only appear when you remove the mod and try to load a save that required that mod.

    Although a mod I recommend is Vampire Powers, because I like vampires.

  • Just back up your data and it should be fine. Regardless of any games, if you mod you always back up.

    • How do I backup?

    • Just copy and paste the game files. For example go to the directory of the game and copy the files. Paste in a folder you've created named back up files or whatever you want to name it.

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