Kizomberos, are you there? What does kizomba mean to you? If you're not a kizomba dancer, would you give a shot learning it?

For those who haven't heard about kizomba, it's an afro dance from Angola and the "younger sister" of the traditional Angolan dance, semba. For more informations, check this link .
There are also some types of kizomba you can try :
Urban kizomba looks like this

While a more traditional form of kizomba dance looks like this

I've been dancing kizomba for a few months and I can't live without it anymore! It's part of me! I also dance salsa and bachata, but nothing compares with a terrific kizomba dance.
Tell me your stories about how you became a kizomba dancer. If you haven't heard about this dance, would you try it?


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  • I try anything I should try, but I'd rather learn something else than that.
    After all even dancing takes a physical toll on your body which I rather save it for soccer which I play almost everyday.


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