Yamcha vs Naruto?

Having this debate with my little cousin... He says Naruto is stronger than DragonBall and I told him Yamcha could one man 98% of Naruto minus the "God's" and supernatural beings...
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  • Naruto


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  • To be honest naruto would beat yamcha, my dude is wolf fang fisting and throwing Kamehamehas at sibamen and got killed. Big DBZ fan but you have to admit naruto with his full set of skills would own Yamcha. Now if you said Tien or even Krilin, there could be a match

    • Nah that was before yamcha trained with king Kai. And who's to say he didn't train while playing baseball. Besides Radditz was stronger than most Naruto characters lol and Yamcha by cell saga was Def stronger than Radditz... Easily a country buster if not continent.. Maybe a small planet

    • You make a good argument up to thr cell saga, it is hard to be accurate with his power since he never displayed it, i mentioned tien because he layed cell that one time and was in the tournament of power in Super

    • Lol yeah I understand. Honestly if Frieza hadn't just been in a movie I think they probably would have used him again or Uub

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