Do you think the video game industry should abolish used games since it supposedly "hurts" game developers or the game industry?

As someone who's been gaming for a long time, I think it's a stupid argument to banned used games just because game developers and publishers feel like they're the most special industry in the world and aren't getting paid twice as much (as they highly want to) for one product/game. I've seen corporate video game publisher shills making stupid comparisons like comparing buying used games to pirating games, even though consumers actually pay for used games, unlike pirating (which is straight up stealing games through the internet).

Used games have existed for a very long time since the very first existence of video gaming. No one complained about them since then, until 6 years ago around 2012-2013, a year before the Xbox One and PS4 launched, and when the Xbox One originally was gonna be a DRM-controlled console that prevents used games from being played, which caused huge backlash against Microsoft from consumers and hurt their Xbox One launch sales. Then Microsoft immediately got rid of DRM from the Xbox One altogether.

The funny thing is you never hear anyone in the car/automobile industry, housing industry, or film industry whining and moaning about consumers buying used cars, used houses, or used DVD/Blu-Ray copies of movies because they don't make as much, if not, any from used purchases, just like with used game and hardware purchases.

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What Girls Said 1

  • It doesn't hurt them the companies just want you to give them even more money by buying the games new.


What Guys Said 1

  • The video game industry doesn’t have the authority to ban anything


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