I feel colors when I read story? O. o actually one or two lines even enough? Also in art style?

Well It happens months ago, over 5 months. It might be stupid but I feel colors when I read something. Well I was reading my friends' stories. One had pale pink who likes a romamce but wait her writing style is really sweet. Even the chapter of main character has being killed. Another one, a funny friend, she has morning light in her stories. The morning that welcome to wake up everybody and the color I love most when I was a kiddo. I also checked my old stories, they also have bright lights, different from my morning light friend. I have bright pale gold and whute mixed shining light. Sorry, I may bad at describing but that's what I felt.

Also, I see color in arts. I mean characters, or somethings you can give anything and I can tell with colors due to line, shape and movement you use in art. When I tell to my friends, they looked at me strangely. One of my friend who loves to draw has gothic feelings, main black but leading to red. Well she has light but she was like the one with pale blackand red caged under soft sun light.

Am I stupid? It might be.


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  • It's quite normal actually, people tend to associate color with things.
    I tend to associate smells with colors, and music and people look at me like wtf when I describe music or smells


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  • Hey, that sounds just like me! Lol, I don't think that's too strange. I've met several other people who experience things similar.


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