Are any form of media or entertainment superior than the next?

I personally belief all are equal. In terms of books or films or games or plays etc. I myself am a gamer and I can say without a doubt there are some games that are masterpieces. They trash on many movies or books or plays. But I also acknowledge the exact same for all other types.

There's movies or books which are much much better than lots of games or plays. I don't believe you can state one above the other. When looking at individual movies or games you can compare... But only to an extent. Movies can offer something games can't and games can offer things movies cannot.

Do any of you have another opinion. If so. Explain why you feel that way. Cause if you say "books are better" and leave. That's hardly an opinion. That's just saying something random. Give evidence to support your claim. Insulting anothers opinion just lessens the value of your own. So if you feel different tell me why. Are any form of media or entertainment superior than the next??
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  • I enjoy all a whole lot! However, when i want to forget about life problems i play videogames to become someone else.

  • I enjoy all tbh. My favourite is games since I've been a gamer for most of my life and I really enjoy it lol As far as trying other media goes, I don't really hate any of them...


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