Who's your favorite Musician/Band? Explain why?

My favorite Musician is Joyner Lucas. His music always displays a well thought-out message. It hits me hard, and it's about the only thing that is able to make me cry every time I listen to it, and it feels good.Who's your favorite Musician/Band? Explain why?


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  • Joyner Lucas is great. I love that there's a message to his music.

    My favorite musician is Tom Petty. He's got a unique voice that I know is not for everybody, but I like it. He sings from the heart, he sings about life. I relate to so many of his songs. His career is something to be admired as well. It spanned several decades in which he had lasting success in several different bands and as a solo artist. Plus he just seemed like an all around cool, down to earth guy.


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  • God, such a tough decision. I'm drawn between metallica- just the sheer volume of music they have. put out is amazing. The lyrics hold meaning and the songs have a definite push and feel that I don't get from other bands.
    Megadeth-riffs. Solos and riffs concocted in the mind of Dave mustaine, and I mean heavy riffs that are almost infectious.
    Don williams- country icon, put out so many amazing songs that spoke to the heart. Songs that clicked with the everyday man.
    Marty Robbins- country music for the cowboy in ya. Between the songs big iron, el Paso, the masters call, running gun.
    Can't easily pick a favorite anymore it seems


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  • My two favorite singers are Matt Maeson and Bryce Fox

    I like Matt because he has a very distinct and strong voice. His lyrics usually cut deep and have meaning that I can relate to, and its easy to understand the emotions he puts into his music

    I love Bryce because his songs are a lot more intense. He has a sound I've never heard before, and the beats and ups and downs of his songs make for awesome enjoyment


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  • Blink 182! Their music has helped me through tough times and they have a song for a lot of things.

  • goblins from mars on youtube because their songs make me happy

    • Happiness is always a good feeling.

    • ur not wrong there

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