I know I should leave the dance club and my dance instructor cause he is practically stealing from me (mostly my parents) but I'm too attached?

Let me start by saying that I am 19 and I'm a generally very antisocial and shy person.
Soo a few months ago my mom decided to enroll me at a dance club for ballroom dancing as a hobby, a way of "socializing" & exercise. At the time I was going through a hard time, a mini heartbreak and some loneliness so I kind of developed a crush? for my instructor but I honestly think it's completely normal since I was very new at dancing & especially this close. I got over it of course. My teacher is a very friendly, open, silly individual and of course a great instructor. I got attached to him very easily (which is very rare for me) and I felt like I needed a person like that in my life - you know, to be so positive & full of hope. Slowly I realized that this is all part of his job. Like- when he would give me advice about something - he would give the same advice to anyone or he would share a "secret" that everyone in the club knows already. The acts that show that he cares are completely fake and I am sure by now that everything he does, he does to keep me there to give him my money.
This hurts because I am attached to him but the him that I know is just a mask - a happy face to keep his customers happy and I am sure that he is not half attached to me as I am to him. I feel like he is a gigolo but not really. Whatever he says is for the money. I can see it clearly. Other than that I know he takes too much money for his job. I know other owners of the same dance club chain sell the same program that i am currently paying for monthly in less that have the price. And the money is too much, my parents don't have that much money to spare but they do so for me.. because i've gotten attached and they know how important that is to me even if they can clearly see that he is a thief... I feel like shit for staying there but my heart cracks a bit when I think of leaving. What do I do?


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