Guys, what are the odds that a game in the 2018 NFL season ends in a scoreless tie?

Answer these 12 odds:
1. Odds that a game ends in a tie during a season?
2. Odds that a particular team has a game ending in a tie?
3. Odds that all 256 games ends in a scoreless 0-0 tie?
4. Odds that the Cleveland Browns finishes with more ties than wins?
5. Odds that a team has multiple ties in a season?
6. Odds that a team is 5-5-5 entering their final game of the season?
7. Odds that 2 winless teams that are 0-10 play each other to a tie?
8. Odds that 2 unbeaten teams that are 10-0 play each other to a tie?
9. Odds that a game ends in a scoreless tie during a season?
10. Odds that a particular team goes 0-0-16?
11. Odds that the eventual Super Bowl champions goes 12-3-1?
12. Odds that every game produces a winner without any overtime being played in the regular season?


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What Guys Said 3

  • You can't calculate the odds for any of these outcomes because the number of possibilities of outcomes is infinite. You can only approximate odds of these outcomes based on historic data.

  • Anything could happen, but very likely, it'd have to be a very lousy game.

    • If you get a Jets vs Browns match-up, you could get a lousy 10-10 final. There were no ties in 2017. There were 2 in 2016. None in 2015 and 22 ties in the last 44 years combined. So there's roughly 1 tie every 2 years or every 500 games or so.

    • *Unlikely
      And great job for doing the math.

  • Low odds. It's hard to hold a team to 0 points


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