Metal heads: define true metal or heavy metal?

what band to you is the embodiment of heavy metal

what do you refer to as "true metal"

bonus: name modern or newcomer bands that you think that can live up to that.

there are no wrong answers in this question.


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  • Disturbed, five finger death punch, slip knot, avenged sevenfold.. etc


What Guys Said 2

  • I think “true metal” is anything that classifies as metal and is a very broad category.

    “Heavy metal,” on the other hand, makes me think of thrash, death metal, black metal, or the other related sub genres. It doesn’t need to be fast or anything of that sort, but it can be. That being said, some classic metal bands may not be considered as “heavy” in modern standards, but I would still consider them as “heavy metal.” Part of it is time based. I consider Testament to be heavy metal. Check out metalblade records for heavy metal.
    (Inb4 I get crap for posting the modern “re recorded” version of Souls of Black by Testament)

    My favorite sort of genre is prog metal (i. e. Dream Theater, Periphery) and prog metalcore (ERRA, Napoleon... well kind of) and I would classify them as true metal, but I wouldn’t classify them as particularly heavy metal. Heavy metal often consists of heavily distorted guitars and all screamed or deep gruff vocals. I’d even consider nu-metal (Disturbed, early Linkin Park, Korn) as true metal. If it has metal in it’s genre name, in my opinion it is true metal. True metal is just metal.
    (ERRA - Dreamcatcher, for reference)
    There is also a difference in guitar style and overall feel, but I don’t really know how to describe that.

    Another easy way to determine genre is by the band logo. Generally, the more it looks like Shakespearean font/Lucida blackletter that is harder to read, the heavier it is. It’s not a set in stone indiciation, but it helps haha

    • good take. i think stating that you "like metal" is pretty much like saying you like music in general as metal is so diverse.

      i think "true" metal came up in that whole "posers" vs "true to life" band characters and music video styles, where it was mostly about being genuine vs being a showoff, not so much about the music itself.

      i personally find it very hard to even dind a similar taste in music. heavy metal to me is not only based on tempo but also on pitch and kind of how the drums dominate the base line in a very thumping way.

      i find it so stupid when fans bash their heads in about what's "true" metal or what is "better", when it's about finding joy in music xD

      however cere are certainly styles i don't like :D the ones you mentioned are quite nice to me :)

  • I only want sheet metal


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