I wanna buy a new electric guitar?

I wanna buy a new electric guitar and I have to make a decision among prs custom24, fender mexico telecaster, and fender mexico stratocaster? Is there anyone here who can help me?


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  • I’m personally more of a Les Paul guy haha. However, I would say in general, it depends on what you’re wanting to play and how you’d like to sound. Stratocaster and telecaster are going to work great for blues, rock, and most things except metal. The PRS guitar may not give that sort of fender sound, but I imagine it would work better for metal or rock with a decent amount of distortion.

    Between Tele/Stratocaster, I would say to go to a store and try them out. I can basically guarantee you that any store will have some versions of both. Try them out— see how they feel. If you aren’t confident playing yet (if this is a first guitar), I suggest asking an employee to play them for you on the same amp/settings to compare sound.

    • I would like to buy a lp but it's so expensive in my country! It will be my 3rd guitar but the problem is I am left so it's really hard to find lefty guitars. Thanks for information I think I will go for Tele.

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    • @dangerDoge What are you talking about, telecasters work great in metal look at jim root of slipknot

    • @Parkwayvwhitechapel I’m pretty sure he also uses active EMG pickups though. A standard tele is a bit twangy for my taste with heavy metal

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