What are some examples of comedy crossing the line?

Well-known moments that made headlines.
What are some examples of comedy crossing the line?


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  • I'd say the presidential election of 2016 was pretty funny until it was revealed those two were actually running for president.


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  • I would say as long as nobody is dying or getting physically hurt, I'm not the type to police comedy with 'the line'. The line is bullshit to me, & meant to be crossed. Doesn't mean shock humor is entirely funny but I feel like the more preoccupied people are with 'the line' the more power to be funny shock humor becomes.

    • "The line is bullshit to me, & meant to be crossed." This goes for all aspects of life man. We all limit ourselves too much that we achieve nothing. You'll all hate to hear this but hitler achieved a massive feet considering how a single man mobilized an entire country for a single goal he possessed and only emitted to those around him no matter how foolish it may have sounded. I'm not by any mean saying what he did was right though what he did will be a display of the power a single person can hold when they cross the line and do what no one else will. He wanted the world to reflect his image and he wanted it enough to make it happen to that degree. The world has no defined rules and by all means you can do whatever you want. The land was simply possessed and laid laws on by the groups of humans who rely on them. Nothing wrong with this, just don't let them dictate who you are and what you do.

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    • I know who was in the picture. I used hitler for a reason. People are too sensitive to it and that's why they don't want to hear it. That part of history isn't going anywhere i promise you, so why don't we stand up and learn from it.

    • My ethnic people, the Germans, don't like having to hear about it & answer for it. It also just makes people very hyper aware of extremism in the right so you have these fucking Richard Spencer types getting treated like nascent threats because we're all overlearned on Hitler. It's partly why society at large is more accepting of a Stalin, because we never really go into shitting on him unless we're in the right wing echo chambers. I've met other leftists who have positive spins on the Soviet Union online

  • There’s no such thing as crossing a line. Comedy is either funny or it isn’t.


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