Any Architects fans out there?

Anyone here into the band Architects? They're a heavy metal group with some kickass lyrics and killer riffs and well, I've never met anyone that liked them before so just asking around if anyone does. \m/


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  • Yes! I need to sit down and listen to some full albums of theirs, but from what I’ve heard, I’ve liked their sound.

    They kind of fall into the style of music I like along with bands like ERRA, Periphery, Novelists, Napoleon, etc.

    • Dude Architects is my favorite band right now, their sound is absolutely epic and the lyrics are so powerful. Listen to anything off of lost forever//lost together or All our gods have abandoned us!
      Man, I love Periphery and Novelists (just discovered novelists actually)

  • 😎👌 ... such a good song.

    • I forgot to mention but my favorite band is Northlane... their name being pulled directly from an Architects song and also, their song Paragon is a tribute to the late Tom Searle.

      Just some cool/interesting parallels there...

    • Yo Northlane kicks ass! I saw them several years ago, they were headlining and they were epic

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