I need a better hobby, right? 🤔?

So, really, all I do for "fun" these days is work, walk around the grocery store, and shop on Amazon. I read comics and watch Netflix while at home, and enjoy cooking.

The only things I have going for me are that I can play musical instruments by ear (self taught piano and some guitar) and I enjoy breaking down and rebuilding computers.

I'm also attending college full-time, but not making much progress.

The real question though : What can I do to be more productive in my spare time?

Thank you. 😊


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What Girls Said 1

  • I'm not sure this is "productive" to you but may I suggest picking up a sport for some energizing physical activities.

    • Ah, haha. You have a point! Sorry, I forgot to mention, I used to bike ~10mi a day. I stopped because of where I moved to doesn't have smooth roads for a road bike, but I could get a mountain bike. Good suggestion!

    • @jcbxgrf: You're all set! :)

What Guys Said 1

  • Maybe gym or some kind of sport, swimming, pool, Youtubing, watching tv series/movies/anime.
    Do you have some goal in mind?


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