Who LOVES Guinness?

This is my pint at 1:45am in my local... YummyWho LOVES Guinness??


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  • Mediocre and very overrated. Just goes to show what sassy marketing can do.

    • Far far from accurate. I've yet to taste a non irish stout beer thats better.. and I've tried a few...😀 As for lager (bud, coors, carling etc) its miles ahead in terms of flavour and quality

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    • Same here... now its all "brewed for aldi by..." I got one there called Ulster Oatmeal Stout... lovely stuff

    • I'll have a look for that. Another trick they do is to rebrand the same beer for different markets. So the Ulster Oatmeal Stout might have a more local name by me.

      I once saw the Polish (red and white can) version of some Aldi lager next to the Greek version (blue and white can) next to each other on the same shelf in a Greek supermarket, lol. Did the Pepsi challenge - exactly the same stuff.

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  • The only Guinness I'm familiar with is the book of world records :p

    • Education time for u so 😀

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    • Alright. Yep looks like that's the mistake you made. Your admission to being wrong is what makes you a man.

    • Oh i always hold my hands up if im shown my error. Admitting being wrong is a trait i value highly in anyone

  • Stout's the best. But usually, I'm the only one in my place that likes it.


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