Any artists out there?

I find artistic people are very awesome people. They are kind and caring with open minds and creative thought processes Any artists out there??


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  • *Waves* Hello my fellow artist~

    • Nice job with the eyes! Isn't fur and hair the hardest to draw lol you have to have so much patience

    • Aw thanks! Omg yes! It’s difficult to get those fine hairs. Thank goodness for the creation of erasers.

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  • I mean I do a little in Illustrator but that doesn’t really count does it

    • I love illustrator.. you make stuff from scratch. I've made some logo designs in illustrator

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    • That's awesome keep up the hard work and it will pay off

    • Cheers! Hope it works out for you aswell

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  • What is the technic?

    I don't agree with you. In the group of artists you can also find close minded and rude people ;)

    • Yeah but over all I feel confident in my statement lol and that was a woodburning I did. I burned that image into the wood with a hot tool

    • Ok. We have the different experiences... Mostly they are OK and fun but like in any job group, you find not nice people

      Good job!

  • I love art, I mainly like drawing

    • That's awesome it's a great meditative tool keep it up 👍

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