What's all the necessary equipment to get for a podcast?

what type of trpiod, camera, compute, mic, audio equimentr


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  • Well, even at the most basic level, you’d need a mic. What you’re looking for is either going to be a condensor mic or a USB mic (if you don’t quite have the budget). Most mics, apart from EXTREMELY cheap ones, will get you acceptable quality. The industry standard I believe for broadcasting is the Shure SM7B. It’s a condensor mic that runs about 300-400 dollars last time I saw.

    If you get a condensor mic, you’ll also need an audio interface with phantom power. This is what powers the mic (or rather, boosts the signal many times so it gives acceptable output). If you get a usb mic, you just need a usb port on your computer.

    USB mics may not get quite as high of quality recording as condensor, but they’re getting better each day + they’re cheaper. I don't know what kind of budget you have so I can’t particularly recommend anything.

    The room will also play a big part in the sound. A closet full of clothes will sound much more dry/less echoey than a metal gymnasium for instance. Non square/rectangle rooms gives the best reverb, but otherwise, I suggest going to a closet or place with a bunch of sound absorbing material (i. e. clothes, blankets, carpet— mattresses are great too). Clap a couple times and listen to the reverb to get a feel for the room’s sound.

    Other than that, you really just need a computer. I don’t believe a podcast doesn’t necessarily need a video component. That’s more so if you go on twitch or post it on youtube afterward or whatnot.


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