Coming out as a transgender or living lies but make lots of money.. which one is better?

I am transgender but I am not changing because I have some opportunity in entertainment biz. but I really want to come out. I feel so miserable. my opportunity is not going well either. should I lie or not? I have no opportunity if I come out.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Just being transgender can lead you a staring role on television or some internet show nowadays. I'd just come out and admit it.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I encourage you to live your best life and be your best self.

    I will however caution that many trans people feel their problems really only started when they starting living as trans, and many have found it a very tough road to be on.

    I don't say that to discourage really but to be realistic.

    I have several good trans friends and it's been very hard for them, and a couple people wish they had just stayed a man by day and at work and stuff, and a woman in private life, no surgery.


    The opposite is also true.

    I guess all I can really say is, make your choice carefully and with as much reason, logic and information as you can.

    We still live in a society that wants trans people to die more than we want them to just be happy, ok people having a decent life. That is how hung up we still are on gender, and how much gender based hatred and violence we still have.

    I LOOOOOOVE being a woman, but it's not like it has always been easy either. (Not that anyone's life is ever actually easy.) But as a trans person, you may never actually reap the benefits of being female either, because people may never be able to see you as such.

    But you'll always have people like me who will love you just as you are and let you self identify, and treat you with respect for it. There get to be more of us every day.


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What Guys Said 2

  • Coming out is better. It’s better than living a lie. I know. I just came out not long ago.

  • Pretend what exactly? the entertainment biz is all about acting in the first place


What Girls Said 3

  • When I came out I had to as I was mentally and physically ill with keeping it hidden. When I did, I lost my managerial job in the nano-technology industry. My mortgaged home of 20 years, my daughter and my mind!
    Now, although I have lost everything I worked so hard for, I'm happier as I finally have ME!

  • Do whatever you want.

  • Believe me when i say coming out is far better than living a lie. You can't put a price on happiness and you must consider how you feel. Like i had you don't want a mental break down and left mentally ill for live. It will follow you around.


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