Does anyone ever wonder why nearly every voice actors for male children (little boy) characters in animated shows are women?

For instance, Tommy Pickles from the Rugrats was voiced by a woman.

Young/Kid Goku from Dragon Ball (original series) was voiced by a woman.

Bart Simpson was voiced by a woman.

Bobby Hill from King of the Hill was voiced by a woman.

Could it be because there are a lack of good young male voice actors (in their early teens or younger) to voice child-age male animated characters that the creators of many shows have no choice but to hire actresses who could do teenage boy or little boy voices?


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  • It is easier for women to speak in young male voices. Even I can do Tommy Pickles. Lmao

    • Tommy pickles!

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    • Tara Strong and Nancy Cartwright are very good at doing young male voices

    • @smahala1991 Indeed, they are.

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  • Because women can imitate child voices very easily compared to men.
    And it's cheaper than having to constantly hire child actors every time they reach puberty.


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  • Because men have deeper voices than women do.


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