Are you related to anyone famous?

Do you have any famous relatives? Whether they’re close or distant 😊

I don’t think I do, but then again I don’t know who my father is or any of his family members so maybe I do!


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  • Distantly, sure. Then again if you look far enough we are all related to each other. But way back on my mom’s family tree I am related to William Wallace… not Mel Gibson, the actual historical figure.


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  • I don't think I have anyone famous from my family, but everyone in my town knows or has heard of my grandparents. My grandmother used to posses 3 hills, 2 of them she sold and there are now ton of houses there (they aren't rich or anything near). We now have 1 hill and half of the other, which are called Kentra and Puhovo. We play there a lot, and it's really nice there. It's not related to anything famous but I thought I would share it 😊

    • That sounds lovely! ☺️

  • According to Ancestry. com I am related to Sheriff Pat Garret. He was the man who shot Billy The Kid (in the back). Oh well that was the old west.

  • Barrack obooma is my dad

    • I love Barrack Obooma

    • How do you know him?

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