Is it ok if I change my favorite sports team (Discussion) ?

Background. When I first got into basketball I was a lakers fan. about 1997ish. So pre 3 peat. I then fallowed them until about 2002. When they were still defending champions I kind of felt like rooting for my home team, the knicks. so I was jumping from defending champs to roughly the 20th best team.
lately finishing up yet another 20 win season I started to contemplate what I am doing. sports are supposed to be fun and I am not having any fun. I can't even recall one good memory in the last 18 years. so I was having nostalgia for when I was a kid. enjoying the time where I felt like anything was possible in sports.
the knicks are the 11th best team in the east and the lakers are the 11th best team in the west. the lakers haven't made the playoffs in 5 years and are currently in a 30 win season. certainly not bandwagon jumping.

Really just want to have a mice discussion. Do you find this wrong? who are you fans of?
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  • It is ok.


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  • I am a Blackburn Rovers fan from birth. They were a power in the Premiership, got demoted, and then again to an even lower division. They're mine through all the heartbreak and this year they're odds on favourites for promotion. I bleed Blackburn blue.
    My mate is a hardcore Man City fan. He went through exact same thing, and this year they've only lost 1 league match in the top flight.
    If you're a supporter you cry through the lows and ride the highs. Fair weather fan is an oxymoron. No harm in not being a fan, it's okay to pick out any old shirt if the loyalty's not in your blood.
    I vote A, reluctantly. You don't have the passion.

    • to call yourself a proper suppoerter. Enjoy the buffet

    • its not about wins or losses. look at the knicks dysfunction over the last 2 decades. they line up with james dolan owning the team. he constantly sabotages them and ruins things. when they were doing good he pissed of the gm and the gm left. the knicks are right back to sucking. I have sat through sexual misconduct trials. having old legends of the knicks thrown out and arrested because he criticized dolan. he even cancels fans season tickets if they talk against him. and told fans to root for the nets if we don't like it. he hired guys w no experience and fires them mid season so everything is wasted. lastly he is more worried about surrounding himself w yes men who agree with him then w putting the best option there to win/ so yes I do not have the passion. james dolan has taken most new Yorkers passion

    • on top of that I want to root for a team who is equally as bad as the knicks. just better management.

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  • Seems like you're a serial bandwagonner my guy...

    • I decided I didn't want to root for the world champions and wanted to root for the 20th best team in the league. bandwagon term shouldn't even be in the conversation really. when a team like the knicks constantly sabotages themselves its hard to stay positive about them

    • I agree

  • Lakers

    • whos your fav current player

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