What do you guys think of insidious the last key?

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What do you guys think of insidious the last key?

So I just watched insidious the last key

The movie was alright, it wasn’t really scary to me
the story was pretty typical
I’ve seen way better insidious movies though..

id rate this a good 3/5

In the beginning the mother gave this little girl a whistle
she told the little girl whenever she blew the whistle the mother would come no matter what

Soon after that, a demon killed the mother
years later when the girls elderly she goes back to the house she grew up in, she find the whistle yata yata yata

& she has a fight with the demon that killed her mother
right before the demon kills her
she blows the whistle and her mom who died shows up to kick the demons butt.

pretty typical scary movie to me
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