Overdrive and reverb pedal advices?

Hey there you see my pedals here, I wanna change my overdrive and reverb pedal so do you guys have any advice? I need a boost/overdrive pedal and a nice reverb that includes all types of reverb modesOverdrive and reverb pedal advices???


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  • I don't own a reverb so I can't help you on that, but for the overdrive I think I may give you some advice.
    I play on a old marshall valve amp and so my "clean" sound is not clean at all, it is a bit cruchy. If it's the same for you (your clean sound is a bit crunchy) you should look for the Ibanez ts9 or boss SD1 (I use both, depending on the situation).
    If you want to put an overdrive over a crystal-clean sound, I think something like the Radial Tonebone Hot British should be ok, I have it (but I broke it :( ) and it sounds killer. But I don't remember if it has a "boost" option.


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  • the fact you have a rat makes me think your a g coxon fan...

    anyways back on topic I always liked the boss dd3 although it was a delay pedal I would tweak it Short delay + effect level up to mimic reverb which was even better than reverb when playing live...

    I had 2 ddr3's one for mimicking reverb and the other for delay.

    my fave overdrive pedal was a dane electro fab overdrive... don't ask me why but I just loved the sound it gave through my fender hot rod deluxe.

    • Haha I got enoug boss on my pedal board so I think to buy marshall reflector as reverb and jet city afterburner boost/overdrive

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    • I don't have reverb option on my amp so it's cheap and useful to me I hope I won't regret

    • you defo won't regret it, it is a good pedal and probably one of the best on the market for a reverb effect.

  • I thought it is like it nowadays.

  • Ibanez TS9 for overdrive and probably a TC Hall of fame for reverb if you want diversity for a fair price.

    • But ts9 doesn't have boost option, I have two option on reverb one hall of fame and the other Marshall reflector

  • Wow I want that too ^^


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