With which videogames you have more fun? Retro or modern?

I want to know which of you guys and girls think that retro videogames are more entertaining or challenging than modern games


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  • I enjoy both! It's too hard to decide for me. I spent tons of hours playing the classics on N64, as well as expanding my gaming interests, as this was my very first console along with the PS1, Then I went to GameCube, and again my gaming took a larger part of my days haha.
    I spent so many hours playing the retro/ classic games. After upgrading my desktop, I then went into PC gaming and progressed to now updated PC and console games. I appreciate the changes the games have made over the years. I'm all for adventure, horror, survival, FPS, shooters, etc. games. I've enjoyed so many retro PS1, N64, GC console games that are still my fav. today.
    I personally don't think one is better than the other, simply because the retro games bring something old, yet classic and fun while the newer modern games bring awesome graphics, updated game play, and even possibly better gaming overall.

    I seriously enjoy both greatly!

    • I have always been used to older games since I was a kid
      My first console was a PS1
      Then I got my first Sega
      And i can definitely tell you that for me Sega is my favourite.
      Although nowadays I don't have the pacience to play new games because they are most of the same and often not challenging

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  • I guess its all what your into. Some of the games have serious challenges, but the graphics aren't as great as what is put out now.
    I like N64 and a couple original Nintendo games and that's about it as for retro.

    • For retro I stick to Sega Saturn and Dreamcast
      I love how challenging they are and sometimes how simple yet entertaining
      For modern I just game on the PC but I rarely do it because I lack the pacience for new games

  • Modern definitely.

    I don't play much videogames, but I feel people would get pretty bored of retro games pretty fast. There is only so much you can do firing bombs before they hit the ground in 2D before you get bored.
    While modern games are more complex, have deeper stories, and are all around more engaging. Although, I'm biased, but the best kind of games in my opinion would be games that allow you to be completely immersed in the world with as much autonomy as possible (RPGs). Modern games can satisfied this, retro games cannot. BUT! an argument can be made for games like Fallout 1 and 2 being more RPG intensive than the modern fallout.

    • Older games can be defently more engaging since they are usually harder
      Retro doesn't mean it's only 2D
      5th gen has 3D and lots of nice games
      I've been playing Rayman and it's the hardest game I ever played no game today can match it

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