A childhood dream you’d like to achieve?

Mine would be to swim with wild dolphins and visit pig beach in the Bahamas 🐬🐷


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  • To vist the South Pole and also to ride in a spaceship.

    • Nice, I hope you get to 😌

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    • Bro I don't even know, I just remember when Elon Musk was launching the project he mentioned that as one of the key motivations for spacex, but I don't know the rules n guidelines of it, didn't get that far... definitely recommend researching it if u r interested... if it works out for you, u got my πŸ’― support 😊

    • l have the silver suit and the matching boots but no spaceship lol

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  • To have a house made of chocolate
    To go to space
    To see a whale in real life (and touch it if I can)
    To have a room full of barbie and barbie houses and Lego (I know that's too childish)
    To travel the world.

    • A chocolate house sounds amazing haha, I hope you achieve those 😌

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