What is your favorite steven spielberg movie?

at the end, I will post my top ten

What is your favorite steven spielberg movie?
Favorite top 10 directed Steven Spielberg in order 3 Indiana Jones movies, hook, ready player one, Jurassic Park, E. T. the extra terrestrial, Jaws, Close encounters of the third kind, Adventures of Tintin


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  • Jaws. I just saw it recently.
    My ranking of his films from best to worst would be
    1. Jaws
    2. Shindlers List
    3. Jurrasic Park
    4 Indiana Jones
    5. Catch me if you can
    5(tie) Saving Pr Ryan
    6. Bridge of spies
    7. Minority Report
    8. War of the worlds
    9. A. I
    10. War Horse
    11. The BFG
    12. Always
    Haven't seen the rest he's a pretty great film maker at his best. Answer my film based question I just made?


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