Has anyone seen Ready Player One yet?

Has anyone seen Ready Player One yet?
Has anyone seen Ready Player One yet?

Quote from new york times
"Although Mr. Spielberg has found box office success in recent years with historical dramas like “The Post” and “Bridge of Spies,” his would-be crowd-pleasers, including the motion-capture fantasies “The BFG” and “The Adventures of Tintin,” have been ticket-selling disappointments. Even “Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” was widely viewed as a misfire; longtime fans loathed the story, leaving that whip-cracking franchise on wobbly footing.

In contrast, “Ready Player One” drew the most positive audience responsefor any fantasy or science-fiction movie directed by Mr. Spielberg since “Minority Report” in 2005, according to Rotten Tomatoes, which boils down reviews from critics and ticket buyers into “fresh” or “rotten” scores. Critics also gave “Ready Player One” high marks"



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  • Yes! Another great movie to expect from steven spielberg. 😊


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  • I haven't, no. The plot doesn't sound too interesting. I won't pay for a movie ticket, but I might watch it later on, when I can for free.


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