You watching the new show "Siren" on freeform?

I'm watching it and I'm totally into it. Thought it was going to be really stupid but sofar it's not.
Looking forward to every Thursday!

If you are watching it, what do you think so far?
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  • What's it about? Siren as in the supernatural creatures from Greek mythology?

    • It's about mermaids not sirens but so far it's not corny.
      A group of fishermen caught a mermaid in their net, a guy is attacked by it and the military sweeps in and takes the mermaid and the guy. Another mermaid goes in search of her sister, killing a man who tried to rape her.
      Marine biologists see her walking naked in town, realize she's not human.
      They try to find their friend whom is being held at a military base and the sister mermaid.
      It's episode 3 as of Thursday night.

    • Great! So it IS about supernatural stuff. That's the best thing for me! Thanks for bringing this show to my knowledge, I'm gonna start watching it as soon as possible. 😃

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