Ever been shocked when someone hasn't seen a certain popular movie?

Yesterday, I was talking to a Latina friend, in her mid 40s and I was going to reference characters from La Bamba... and she said she's never watched it. And my jaw dropped, lol. I was like, how could you never seen it?


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  • I've never watched Titanic, people freak out about that one.
    I couldn't believe when my friend told me she's never watched White Chicks, that pure gold.

    • Titanic, That's a good one but you were very young when that came out but i guess same goes for White Chicks, lol. I just watched that for the 2nd time on St. Pattys day. Not really a fan of it

    • It's not about when it came out, I'm not fina spend 3 hours for a sappy movie. Everyone knows the plot, watching it is pointless for me.
      I love White Chicks.

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  • What is La Bamba? xD


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