Do you feel bad for this girl getting called a "me me"?

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Most Helpful Girls

  • Im so confused.. She means meme yes?
    Is there actually a meme of her somewhere is that why they call her that?
    I feel like this could be fake but I honestly have no idea or any back info..
    If she's truly that upset about it she should deactivate everything and focus on herself for a bit..

  • No. She clearly has access to the internet so she ought to just fire up the ol' Google and do some research.


Most Helpful Guys

  • I had to laugh in the first seconds when she said she is called an meme. People are getting called so many names. This doesn't look that evil, but I felt with her when I saw that she is seriously sad about it and starts crying. She shouldn't be treated like that. She is a cute girl so I guess the others are just jealous at her.

  • Not sure if fake, but if legit, that's the apathy of the internet at its best. Other comments remind me of "she got raped because she deserved it" attitude.

    Then all the folks who laugh at her, when asked about empathy in their real lives, will all pretend becoming sudden moralistic white knights of whatever.


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