Which of these book covers look best?

Im writing a fanfiction (death note) and i made these three covers.
Which one do you guys think looks best?
(Red background is just there is image is a square because when i added the covers normally they got cropped by gag and you couldn't see it.)
  • Which of these book covers look best??#1
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  • Which of these book covers look best??#2
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  • Which of these book covers look best??#3
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  • If web design taught me anything, here is my opinion.

    I thought the third looked the best due to lower intensity in the contrast. I also feel like a little bit more thought was used when it comes to picking the fonts in the third image.

    The purple assesses the dominant focal point on the third cover, I feel like there is more doubt in determining a dominant point when it comes to the first and second cover. If you are using the focal point as a tool to dictate what people will see first I think it would go something like this: 1. SALL 2. The girl 3. Mkai28 (mainly due to the high-contrast with the pink strip on there) 4. The caption under the title.

    Perhaps you want to make the caption a little bit more noticeable.


Most Helpful Girl

  • The first one is very intriguing whereas the other two are rather bland.


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What Guys Said 4

  • Second.

  • 3rd.

  • I like the 2nd

  • Maybe it was a typo but as a writer, you should know that it would be: "Which of these book covers LOOKS best?" Remember that if you drop the preposition, you see that the verb should be plural.

    I chose A.

    • I was babysitting at the time and wasn't paying attention. When Im on gag Im usually multitasking so my grammar isn't always the best here.

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