So what should I name my ablumalbum?

Um I rap about a lot of everyday things nothing special one or three songs making fun of my girlfriend farting and what not stuff like that like regular rapper stuff


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  • Maybe "EY Don NO hOww 2 Speeel Ablumalbum"?

    Sorry could not resist. For real though, farting girlfriends?

    For real for real, 3 songs is not an album. What you have is an EP. A short preview to an album. You can either name the EP off your single or perhaps based off a theme. However as a rule you should never name your EP the samething as the upcoming album.

    • I have like 18 songs its more an L. P. but most people dont know what that is but i do like that name

    • Old school "Long play" vinyl reference. I'm cool with that. Sounds like you don't have a theme for the entire album. More like a collection of songs. In that situation most artist simply name the album off a major single. Although if you are digging the L. P. tag, why not use the name of your single followed by L. P? The only risk there is people might think you are referencing Linkin Park. (R. I. P. Chester)

    • You're right I mean it'll probably be named mama I dont wanna go to church

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