Shotgun preference?

Just to see where everyone stands in terms of home defense, as I know hunting regulations differ and call for different gauges. I'm personally sticking to 12 gauge. Completely reliable for self defense in the home as well as the occasional critter tearing up the property
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  • 16 gauge
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  • 18 gauge
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  • 20 gauge
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  • 28 gauge
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  • Classic 12 gauge, naturally. If for convenience if nothing else. But you also have to take into account the versatility, and ammo variety available.

    • To me, it seems the way to go. That and size wise, 12 gauge fits me well. I can handle the kick with ease. Ammo variety available for a 12 is damn near anywhere. I don't see a whole lot for 28s. My grandfather had a single barrel, flip down 28 gauge that we never wanted to fire. We ran the serial (or what was left of it) and found it was about 1914-1916 trench shotgun. Which seemed a bit odd, single shot 28 for the trenches of world war 1. But I don't think I'll ever find out on it

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    • Well, getting back the 28 from my grandmother is the hard part. Old battle axe won't hand it over, which she has treated all of us like shit for years. Man, I'm sorry to hear you are in Cali. I'm lucky enough to be in southern Missouri, hell we get constitutional carry over here

    • Once I am done at my university I am out of here. Colorado is my firs choice. Buy a few acres where I can blow shit up in privacy.

  • Looking at getting a Moss 590A1! Only few good options in CA brother.


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